VILLAGE ECONOMIC SCHOOL teams guerrillas, from one village to another to talk, discuss, develop sustainable village economic development strategies. Interestingly, when visiting a sub-urban village like the village of Sidomoyo, Godean district, Sleman district, which is administratively a village but socially and economically is like a city area.

BUMDES may be less attractive to sub-urban villages, not because there is no potential for its resources but because of the vulnerability in conflict. If this is the case, strong leadership is needed for the village head to roll out the process of establishing a participatory and accountable BUMDesa within a clear regulatory corridor.

The initial thing should be done by the village government to mapping the potential of the village comprehensively, both opportunities are challenges. Portrait of this potential is then used as a basis for preparing the Feasibility Study Establishment BUMDesa so that pemdes have a strong foundation of its decisions related to the establishment of BUMDesa. This Feasibility Study is also the core ingredient of the Perdes Establishment of BUMDesa established after the approval of the Village Deliberation.

Visit of PUPUK Village Economic School Team

Basic Training of Business Consultancy

Business Consultant Basic Business Training, how practical steps to become a professional business consultant. In line with Action Research being done Forbiz and IBCF   | Read More…….

Training Village Entrepreneurship

Village Entrepreneurship Training held at Hotel Grage Yogyakarta On November 28-2 December, which is one of the projects of Yogyakarta Village Economic School | Read More…….

18 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Visits to Bappeda Cirebon and 2 rattan industry companies in Cirebon conducted by PUPUK team consisting of Ibu Early as PUPUK Secretary General and Mrs. Rieta R. Dewi as members of PUPUK Board and Mr. Asdar Masduki and Mr. Mulyadi as PUPUK members together with PSDBM team in order Survey to build a rattan business network between Makassar and Cirebon

17 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Business Linked Visit

School of Village Economics

The most crucial thing in initiating BUMDes is determining what business and what will be decided to be a business unit in BUMDesa a | Read More…….

SWITCH-Asia Roundtable Networking Event.

PUPUK and SNV participated in SWITCH-Asia Regional Roundtable and Networking event held on June 2 -3 June and held at Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | Read More…….

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