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Learning and sharing experiences in developing the village economy is exciting! Especially if the participants of the Village Economic School (SED) TOT for PUPUK from Padang, Depok, Bandung, Surabaya, Berau, and Jember are also able to blend in with the movers / assistants, village secretaries, village heads, administrators of BUM Desa in Lendah and Desa Subdistricts. All of Jangkaran, Sindutan and Karangsari in Kulon Progo Regency, plus BUM Desa Pendowoharjo Sleman and Panggungharjo Bantul Village Head. It was even more fun because we stayed in villagers' houses while absorbing seriously but relaxed material about village assistance, experience managing BUMDesa, developing village tourism, community platforms, social forestry and disaster response villages. Also do not forget to enjoy food ala Kulon Progo and interspersed with village tours: pilgrimage to the tomb of Syech Jangkung, walk to Congot Beach and along the mangrove area! Come follow the next period

Training of Trainers at the Kulon Progo Village School of Economics

58 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Visit to Maros

Take a trip to Maros, to see the process of seaweed processing and storage of all types of seaweed including Gracilaria | Read More…….

Visit to Takalar Seaweed Demplot Lama

Visiting the seaweed demonstration plots in old Takalar, seeing seaweed farms and making a factory visit to see the processing until ready to send | Read More…….

57 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Coordination between Bandung & Makassar Offices

The third day of activities in Makassar on October 18 was Continuing the discussion of the Palu and Donggala proposals in Makassar Golden hotel with Mr. Asdar, Mr. Arief and Mr. Yusran. | Read More…….

DP PUPUK to the location of Home Office

The second day's activities in Makassar on October 17 began with a meeting with Mr. Mursalim as the Management for the Makassar PUPUK Office with the agenda of submitting PUPUK Legal documents to PUPUK Makassar office | Read More…….

Cycling around the village, this activity is a series of village tourism attractions given by Bumdes village Murtigading kec. Sanden Bantul to every guest who stays there.

Morning attractions in the series of sunset to sunrise are enough to do, what else for tourists from the city. After the afternoon the previous day the tour was presented with the beauty of the south coast sunset, followed by discussions with the residents, then the morning was time to tour the village to visit the superior SMEs in the village of Murtigading.

Some of the places visited include the Bumdes unit waste treatment center, Adrem SME maker or in the local language called 'tolpet', batik artisans, farmer groups, and finally brought to the culinary center for breakfast. Although it seems simple this activity is quite liked by the guests. Beautiful scenery along the way, beautiful rural suana, and hospitality of the people gives its own impression.

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Bumdes Murtigading Village, Sanden District, Bantul