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DECIDE Program or "Take Decision" meeting held on 17 to 20 April 2018 and participated by 36 participants consisting of 11 people from PLAN International Indonesia who are implementor decide program, 3 People Decide Project Coodinator and 22 people from partners decide program BLOOM from Cis Timor, Yes I DO from PUPUK and LPAR, Girls Football from PSSI and RSBI, Pia Lembate from Stellavitae, Pia Timor from Yabiku and YSSP and Pia Flores from Yakkestra. Decide Program is one of the MAJU programs of Plan International Indonesia strategy in 2018-2022. The strategy of the MAJU program of Plan International Indonesia involves children and young people, especially women, developing school-based and community-based approaches to promote sexual reproductive health and prevention of risky behaviors for the prevention of marriage-age children (including unwanted pregnancies and female circumcision).

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Partnership Meeting Decide Program

Project Development Discussion

On Thursday, March 1, 2018 held a meeting between the treasurer of PUPUK, namely Mr. Fatchurohman with PUPUK Manager Project, Anjar Indraguna| Read More…….

Discussion of PUPUK with Bekraf

Secretary General of Fertilizer Mrs. Early Rahmawati who was cool chatting briefly with Mr. Triawan Munaf who is the head of Creative Economic Agency (Bekraf) | Read More…….

Associations for Small Enterprise Improvement are invited to attend the Provincial positive youth development and community engagement workshop held by USAID on 3-4 May 2018 held at Hotel Aryaduta Bandung. Participants who participated in this workshop were 82 people from representatives of various elements, namely from Academic representatives of UPI University, UNPAD, ITB, from Non-profit Organization Goverment Organization Association for Small Enterprise Improvement (PUPUK), Dompet Dhuafa, Coca Cola Foundation, etc. ), Government Agencies represented by Disperindag, Bappeda, Disnaker, etc.), Incubator Institution from ITB, UPI, etc. as well as some organizers from USAID and Key Partners. It aims to increase the youth participation rate and develop youth positive development.

Some messages that can be taken from the engagement with various agencies are: Foundation, NGOs should be able to develop institutions, Innovation institutions. Or it will be eroded with various other institutions that are growing rapidly.

Provincial positif youth development and community engagement workshop

Discussion Goenoeng Coffee Facilitated PUPUK

The cool talk about coffee is not only for Millennials Today but also a hot topic spoken by senior coffee enthusiasts| Read More…….

Family Photo of PUPUK Management Board

Following the Millennial Period, the PUPUK Management Board held a sessions of the family photos of the Association for Advancement of Small Business (PUPUK) in 2018 - 2020 | Read More…….

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