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PUPUK  Yogyakarta

Jl. Riang Gembira 61D Maguwoharjo Yogyakarta

Phone : +62 821 2001 3075

Contact Person : Early Rahmawati

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PUPUK  Bandung

Jl. Permata Taman Sari Raya Kav.6 | Kota Bandung Provinsi Jawa Barat Indonesia 40293

Phone : + 62 22 7834482, + 62 22 7834483, | Fax : + 62 22 7834484

Contact Person : Cecep Kodir Jaelani

PUPUK  Makassar

Jl. Teluk Bayur II No.12 Kelurahan Maccini Makassar | Phone : +62 852 99533636

Contact Person : Asdar Masduki

PUPUK  Surabaya

Jl. Karah Tama No. 7 Surabaya - 60232 | Phone : +62 31 8283976

Fax : +62 31-8283976 | Contact Person: Nurhasanah

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PUPUK  Tegal

Jl. Tegalandong Lebaksiu Kab. Tegal | Phone : +62 283 342054

Contact Person : M. Syaikhudin


Lendo Novo

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Early Rahmawati

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E-mail : info@pupuk.or.id

Website : www.pupuk.or.id

PUPUK  Jakarta

Jl. Tebet Barat Dalam IV B No.21 Jakarta Selatan | Phone : +62 813 8873 3275

Contact Person : Alip Purnomo

03 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Working visit from The Conference Board of Canada (CBOC) to PUPUK Bandung office on 21 January 2015 for the talks of Project Canada - Indonesia Trade and Private Sector (TPSA). CBOC is Canada's largest research institute with over 250 staff located in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary. Objective and impartial are financed solely by the costs paid by private and public parties for the services and services we provide. Experts in the field of: economic assessment and prediction based on econometric model, international trade research, human resources research, organizing development conference Network of Individual leadership development business development as well as organizational capacity building.

CBOC is not a department or government agency although it is often contracted to provide services and services to different levels of government in Canada. Independent of The Conference Board, Inc. Of New York, but is still affiliated with the institution that provides services to approximately 2,500 companies spread across 60 countries, and has offices located in Brussels and Hong Kong.

Working Visit The Conference Board Of Canada to the Office of PUPUK NGO Bandung 21 January 2015

Cultivation Technology Training……

This activity was held on 20 August 2015 at Dusun Surabaya Desa Bontosunggu Keca-matan Bontonompo Kabupaten Gowa | Read More…….

Enhanced Dissemination Workshop ………

The Workshop and Training activities are held in different locations and different participants, this is within  | Read More…….

Indonesia is a country famous since the first with the work of classy furniture. This ability was passed down by our forefathers. As a large country with abundant supply of raw materials, large human resources and a more conducive investment climate in the country, it should be able to facilitate the achievement of national furniture export and craft growth targets to become a leader for the furniture and craft industry in the ASEAN region .

Many of the activities undertaken by the government to support the improvement of furniture and handicraft industries in Indonesia, for example by issuing some regulations regulating regulations and expected to benefit industry players. Meanwhile, to promote Indonesian furniture and handicraft industries to perform on national and international stage, the government supports and facilitates various exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

IFEX (Indonesia International Furniture Expo) is one of the largest furniture exhibition in the world which is held regularly every year in Indonesia. IFEX brings together craftsmen and industry players from Indonesia as well as buyers from all over the world. By presenting high quality products with unique designs that reflect the natural beauty of Indonesia and the skills of its craftsmen. IFEX is held on March 12 to 15, 2015 at the largest and most modern exhibition venue in Jakarta, JIExpo. With the fact that Indonesia has more than 6,000 small and medium furniture companies, fast-growing domestic market and increasing export value, and the full support of the government is expected this furniture and handicraft exhibition event can boost Indonesia's furniture industry. This is the second time PROSPECT Indonesia has participated to provide facilitation to small entrepreneurs who are actively involved through partnership program with Prof Au Auu Stuebbe and Prof.Jan Armgard through the development of environmentally friendly rattan products to be able to meet with the buyer through the exhibition IFEX 2015

04 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

IFEX 2015 Exhibition at Kemayoran Jakarta International Exhibition Jakarta (JIEXPO)

Safety Implementation Training……

Workplace safety and health in workplace training organized by PUPUK Bandung in cooperation| Read More…….

Ecotourism Mangrove Ujung Pangkah ……

CSR Cooperation between PGN SAKA Pangkah Indonesia Limited with P.U.P.U.K in the field of environment and economy | Read More…….