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To improve the quality of Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the City of Tangerang in the competition of the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA). The Association for Small Enterprise Improvement (PUPUK) and the Cooperative Council of Indonesia (Dekopinda) Tangerang Municipality held a Workshop on MSMEs Reliable with Financial Technology on Sunday (10/9).

The workshop that is intended for the perpetrators of SMEs in the city of Tangerang and its surroundings is intended that existing MSMEs can be more reliable in financial management, which is the lifeblood of a business.

"If the financial accounting side is good, there will be many investors who come to invest in Tangerang City," said Alip Purnomo, Program Manager PUPUK.

He also said that this workshop can improve the position of Indonesia's competitiveness in ASEAN economic growth.

"This is also a form of our efforts as MSMEs in the area to improve the welfare of the community," he said.

With this Workshop Sopyan Iskandar, Chairman Dekopinda Tangerang City said that this should continue to get assistance for the results more satisfactory.

"This workshop greatly facilitates the perpetrators of SMEs in making easy bookkeeping that should continue to be accompanied," he said.

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PUPUK and Dekopinda held a Reliable SME’s Workshop with Financial Technology

Kelor from Karawang

The important first harvest new planting then, so the principle. After giving the theory of the workshop at Workshop Sinambung 01 | Read More…….

Workshop Sinambung Kelor Tree Tube

Completed Workshop Sinambung01 some participants directly join blusukan up the mountain behind KIIC see the potential location of planting Kelor in Wanajaya Village | Read More…….

Second Plenary Meeting The Technical Committee of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) 296-Bamboo and Rattan (ISO / TC 296 PM) was launched on 22 August 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Organized by the National Standardization Agency for Indonesia (BSN), and jointly organized by ISO, BSN, and the Center for Environmental and Forestry Standardization of Indonesia's Ministry of Environment and Forestry with the support of the Indonesian Small Business Enterprises Association (PUPUK), ISO / TC 296 PM is meeting 3 day held from 22-24 August 2017.

Founded in April 2016, ISO / TC 296 promotes the standardization of bamboo, rattan, and derivative materials, aligning terminology, classification, specifications, testing methods and quality requirements.

The opening session of the second ISO / TC 296PM meeting was attended by more than 100 delegates from 11 countries including Indonesia, Uganda, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, Columbia, Ethiopia, Kenya, The Netherlands and China. In his speech, Dr. Fei Benhua, Chairman of ISO / TC commented on the significant progress of the progress of the three working groups (WG) under ISO TC 296: WG1-Bamboo Terminology, WG2-Bamboo Flooring, and WG3-Bamboo Charcoal. Fei Benhua also highlighted the growing recognition of the global relevance of the international Bamboo and Rattan standard, which was highlighted by improvements in participating countries from 12 countries in April 2016 to 18 countries by August 2017.

Dr. Fei Benhua also recognizes the substantial contribution and support of INBAR, and quotes "We thank INBAR and their delegates for their constant support of ISO / TC 296 in developing standards and development of Bamboo and Rattan among 42 member countries and beyond." INBAR's direct contribution was noted by the increasing number of INBAR member countries joining ISO / TC 296 as a participating country including China (SAC), Colombia (ICONTEC), Ethiopia (ESA), Ghana (GSA), India (BIS), Indonesia (BSN) , Jamaica (BSJ), Kenya (KEBS), Malaysia (DSM), Nepal (NBSM), Nigeria (SON), Philippines (BPS) and Uganda (UNBS).

INBAR acts in its liaison capacity The organization is represented by a delegation of 4 experts led by Rene Kaam, Coordinator of the Technical Advisory Committee of Bamboo and Rattan. At this time ISO / TC 296 PM, INBAR, through Task Force on Rattan Uses and Development has proposed the establishment and organization of new working group number 4 (WG4) on rattan. INBAR has also proposed the development of two new work item proposals (NWIP), NWIP1 Rattan Product Terminology, and NWIP2-Grading Rattan based on this WG4.

The proposed WG4 aims to address the confusion existing in rattan terminology and to make consensus on the commercial name of rattan from various countries. Standardized rattan terminology also allows standardized standardization practices that will improve the trade in rattan and international products.

ISO / TC 296 days 3 days highlights the potential for development of Bamboo and Rattan under the scope of ISO / TC 296 to the next level.

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Second Plenary Meeting of ISO Technical Committee 296—Bamboo and Rattan

Kelor Tree Tube Workshop #Sinambung1

Kelor Tree Tube Workshop # Sinambung1 first held in karawang, is one of the efforts to uncover the veil of morph | Read More…….

Workshop Sinambung Kelor Tree Tube

Workshop Sinambung initiated by the Association for Small Enterprise Improvement (PUPUK) in cooperation with Rapi Karawang regency | Read More…….

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