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The important first harvest new planting then, so the principle. After giving the theory of the workshop at Workshop Sinambung 01, we immediately review the location prepared as going to "Kebon Kelor" by using 3 offroad cars. Although only a stone's throw from the most capitalist area in Karawang, but access to transportation to the location there is no other than walking, motor (trail motor when it rains), and offroad cars.

While discussing the life of kelor in the place, my eyes were fixed on a tree in the distance that my instinct was kelor. Apparently true, kelor thrives behind KIIC Karawang. Hooray we do not need to argue anymore. Jump tree we just harvest. The leaves are picked back to Jakarta to be picked up. The woods are made by seedling technique of cuttings.

Hopefully the small steps in Karawang can be transmitted in other places, so that the "Soaring" movement can resonate in Indonesia for the sustainability of nature, humanity, and the development of the local economy.

There is an interesting testimony from residents in the small isolated village how they use the kelor. follow the story on the next status update.

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Kelor from Karawang

Kelor Tree Tube Workshop #Sinambung1

Kelor Tree Tube Workshop # Sinambung1 first held in karawang, is one of the efforts to uncover the veil of morph | Read More…….

Workshop Sinambung Kelor Tree Tube

Workshop Sinambung initiated by the Association for Small Enterprise Improvement (PUPUK) in cooperation with Rapi Karawang regency| Read More…….

24 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Completed Workshop Sinambung01 some participants immediately went to explore up the mountain behind KIIC see the potential location of planting Kelor in Wanajaya Village area of 20 hectares. Travel was forced to use 3 offroad cars owned by friends SKIN (Suzuki Katana Indonesia) Only a few kilos behind the industrial area.

#TubeTree # WaterTube #TubeFish #WasteBag # EnergyTube #ToursTour

23 | NEWS P.U.P.U.K

Workshop Sinambung Tabung Pohon Kelor

Discussion of Aquaculture

Discussion on the plan of development of aquaculture in the South Coast of Jogja with the Leaders of Parliament DIY and ABILINDO, PUPUK held on Sunday, July 23, 2017 | Read More…….

PUPUK awarded

PUPUK won the award as best BDS in 6th UNS SME's SUMMIT & AWARDS 2017 Dharmakrida Baraya Adikarya Anugraha| Read More…….