Lack of financial knowledge for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) remains an obstacle to utilizing the scale of their business. Where the number of SMEs in Indonesia currently there are about 54 million-57 million business units.

Program Manager of Association for Small Business Improvement (PUPUK) of Jakarta area Alip Purnomo said that many SMEs have lack of information and knowledge to utilize their business scale because they fail to understand the concept of finance and accounting. "The majority of SMEs make their balance sheet in manuals, sometimes SMEs forget to collect receipts and record them for the process of financial statements," he said at the Workshop on Financial Technology in Tangerang.

PUPUK Jakarta creates a synergy with Telly, a financial accounting provider for SMEs from India. The organization educates people who have influence in the SME sector. The workshop invited several SMEs and cooperatives to distribute knowledge to capitalize on business based on financial and accounting lessons.

According to Alip Purnomo, SMEs in Indonesia are lagging behind in the financial sector compared to other SMEs in the South Asia Region. Although Indonesia has the largest number of SMEs, the contribution to the national economy is still small compared with large-scale business.

Director of Happy Ambarita and Partners, tax and finance consultant, Happy Ambarita said the weakness of SMEs is not bankable. It's hard for them to get a loan from a bank because they failed to show their balance sheet records for a certain period of time. "Many SMEs are profitable but they fail to take advantage of business because they can not access credit from banks," he said.

With knowledge of financial terms and adaptability to information technology (IT), knowledge will be very helpful for SMEs to manage their business balance.

Workshop on Financial Literacy for SMEs

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Mou PUPUK and Tally Enterprises

Lack of financial knowledge for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) remains an obstacle to utilizing the scale of their business | Read More…….

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Financial Technology Workshop for SMEs Series 1, held at Hotel Yasmin Karawaci Tangerang City, on Tuesday May 23, 2017, 09.00 - 13.00 pm. Hopefully later can be implemented also in other cities in Indonesia. This activity is the first step of PUPUK supported by Tally India company. Where in this series 1 is a participant is a member of the cooperative of DEKOPINDO Tangerang City and Cooperative Business Network. It is expected that this training will make it easier for UMKM actors to improve their Financial Literacy, making it easier to make balance sheet and in the future expected with better financial balance sheet report, then UMKM actors will be facilitated in obtaining Bank credit.

Let's support UMKM Indonesia!

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Financial Technology Workshop SMEs Series 1

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