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Study, Research and Survey

Studies, research and surveys is a program that is conducted before and after SME Development Cooperation program. Some courses, research and surveys conducted separately. The program is carried out to identify and map the SME and the problems and opportunities, the business environment as well as efforts to increase competitiveness across sectors to achieve prosperity. And to measure and evaluate the level of achievement of economic development cooperation program. Recommendations are applicable are the achievements of this program.

                    Mapping Study of Economic and Business Environment in the district based on local resources and Pasirwangi Samarang (24 villages) the area around the                       mine. Chevron Geothermal Indonesia's CSR program. Ltd., Garut - from January to April, 2011.

                    Mapping Study of Business Actors Creative (Creative Industries) in Cirebon, Majalengka and Sukabumi, Disperindag cooperation with West Java and PT.                       Miranthi - June till September 2010.

                    Entrepreneurial Community-Based Mapping Study in Bandung, Tasikmalaya and Garut, Disperindag cooperation with West Java and PT. Miranthi - June till                       September 2010.

                    Study of Development Potential Industrial Embroidery as Improving Economic Competitiveness and the city of Tasikmalaya district menngunakan Approach                       Value Chain (Value Chain Development), in cooperation with the Office of Bank Indonesia Tasikmalaya - 2008.

                    Survey Vertical Integration Business Model Through cooperative in Agribusiness / Agro-industry, in cooperation with BAPPENAS - 2007-2008.

                    Cluster Survey Vessel People's Development, cooperation with DEPPERIN - 2006

                    Study Climate Conditions in Karawang and Sumedang district (Economic Order and Government Policy: Four Case Study in Java), in cooperation with                       Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS) - 2006.

                    Study of the Business Climate conditions in Bandung and Purwakarta regency (Economic Order and Government Policy: Four Case Study in Java) d                       cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNS) - 2005.

                    Rapid Assessment on Local Economy Opportunity Development to Support Prevention of Child Trafficking in Sukabumi, West Java International labor                       Organisation (ILO) – 2005.

                    Study For Improved Business Climate in the City and County of West Java, in cooperation with The Asia Foundation, 2005.

                    Regional Business Climate Survey conduciveness in Promoting Development of SMEs, cooperation with Institutional Development Project Planning                       BAPPENAS - 2004.

                    Improved Policy Survey Modernization and Restructuring of Small, Micro and Cooperative Agribusiness / Agri Industries, in cooperation with Institutional                       Development Project Planning BAPPENAS - 2004.

                    Study Preparation Funding Opportunities Agro Commodities mushroom in Karawang regency in cooperation with the Department of Industry and Trade Agro                       West Java, 2004..

                    Preliminary Study Sub Terminal Terminal Agro and Agro Commodity mushroom in Karawang and Sweet Potatoes in Kuningan District, in cooperation with t                       the Department of Industry and Trade Agro West Java, 2004

                    Investment Climate Survey Micro and Small Enterprises in the region JABOTABEK, supported Worldbank, 2003

                    Study  of  Small Business Overview Indonesia Year 2002 - Prospects of 2003. Cooperation with LP3E FERTILIZER Kadin, 2002.

                    Study Oversight Regional Regulation in West Java, in cooperation with PEG - USAID, 2003

                    Study Industry Review 2002 (Boarding House, City-Taxi Transport, Transport Truck and Production House), in cooperation with Bank Rakyat Indonesia, 2002

 Survey of Microfinance Institutions in West Java (Regional District of Bandung and Karawang), in cooperation with The Asia Foundation, 2002

 Technical Improvement Study Herbal Medicine (Region of Yogyakarta and West Java), in cooperation with CLA and CLA DIY Jabar, USAID funding sources,                        2001-2002

 Research-Based Security Financing Small Business Markets, FNSt and the European Union, 2001 -2002

 Study of the Market and Industry in 6 (six) regions in Java in the Waste Management Sector Small Business, in collaboration with The Asia Foundation, 1998