SNI understanding CAC training is organized in cooperation PUPUKand BSN, because it is a continuation of the cooperation plan SNI implementation at the level of SMEs. Participants of the training was followed by several employees of PUPUK, TDA, Disperindag JABAR. This training activity was held on 5-6 February 2015.

This activity is very important because it will also provide the benefits of standardization of food for every SME. because PUPUKis also the builder of SMEs so that this training can be applied directly to SMEs. it is very important to improve the competitiveness of all SMEs to follow the standards set by the Government.

In the process of training instructors from bsn provide some training methods one of which is how the participants work together in a group formed by the instructor to build a business unit in the case of this form of micro small businesses. with the establishment of this effort the participants can understand what is meant standardizing food corresponding to the SNI will be enforced at the place of business. The trainees in the spirit of providing input some ideas about how to build a business and a dialogue participant formulate an appropriate method for the business continuity of SMEs that are in accordance with ISO standards. so with this understanding of the trainees have gained an exact science to the science will be given directly to SMEs in Indonesia today. since most SMEs do not know the ISO standards that have been imposed by the government.

Training of SNI CAC / RCP 1: 2011











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Training implementation of health and safety in the workplace organized by PUPUK Bandung in collaboration with the Center for Occupational Safety and Health Bandung (Bandung Institute K3), which was held from 22-23 January 2015 has been successfully established.

The training was attended by the entire PUPUK staff  located in Bandung, Cirebon, Tegal and Surabaya besides training also opened by  Mr. Bastian as Director of PUPUK Bandung

Training also presents several speakers who are experts in fields such as Ir. Iyus Hidayat Kes, as a matter of government policy speaker leader in the field of management systems and the introduction K.3, Drs Daliman MM as a speaker on the material Potential dangers of the work environment and control of chemical factors, Mr Waluyo PGSc.Dipl (OHS) Msi

as The potential danger of a speaker on the material work environment and control physical factors, Dra. Aztanti Srie Ramdhani as speaker material legislation relating to occupational health and safety, Dra. Niken Diana Habsari Msi as speakers matter of occupational accidents and accident prevention as well as the introduction of the APD, Mrs. Dr. Diana Rosa as speaker material introduction health problems and illnesses in the workplace and Dra. Adriana Pusparini MA as speaker material Nutritional Work in the Company.

This training gives many benefits for PUPUK staff to better understand the terms of both aspects of the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of workplace accidents. 4 Factors such as the major source in preventing accidents


Training Application of Occupational Health and Safety  at Workplace

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